I have been taking pictures of the Corpus Christi and surrounding area since 1999. Most of my pictures involve the coast some way or its wildlife and weather. I love saltwater fishing almost as much as photography and a lot of my pictures are taken while I am out chasing Reds, Trout and the occasional small shark. When asked what my favorite place is to take pictures, the answer is the beach of course, but I will admit that some of my shots have happened in my own back yard. The Earth provides such a rich, tremendous bounty to photograph, I could take pictures forever! I started out studying black and white photography at a local college and came to love art through the lens. I learned a lot from my old Nikon manual which I still use today and I learned a lot about processing and I love spending time in the dark room. I always love watching what I shot slowly present itself under the red light of a dark room. It is somewhat of an intimate experience with art photography. As I continue to aim my lens on the things I love, I am always looking out for a more documentary type of project.

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